Hot Air Balloon Ride Over San Miguel de Allende

One of my bucket list items was to ride a hot air balloon. As simple as that may sound or not, I had always wondered what it was like. Unexpectedly I got the chance to do it on my trip to San Miguel de Allende. It was one of the most exciting and peaceful things I have ever done. There is a crazy rush of excitement that comes over you as the balloon is taking off the ground, but once its in the air and you see the sun rising above the city it feels so peaceful. Here are some pictures I captured of the experience. Enjoy!

San Miguel de Allende

Had the pleasure to visit San Miguel de Allende, the City voted by Travel and Leisure Magazine as the Number 1 city in the world to visit. And boy does it not disappoint! It is art filled, color filled, life filled. The food is amazing, nearly every bite I took was full of taste and slowly enjoyed. The views on any street leave you in awe! Here are some pictures I took while there. Id definitely go back for sure!

Taco Shop Movie

Back when my brother @zrod_art and I were pushing the clothing line we made Dos Gallo’s Collection on tv and fashion shows, we were asked if we wanted to put it in a movie. We said of course. It’s called @tacoshopmovie and it just recently came out on iTunes, hbo and amazon I believe. It’s a good funny comedy with Tyler Posey, Felipe Esparza, Paula Jai-Parker and many more. It’s good to see the fruits of the hustle from years ago still playing out. Blue tee on guy from right and bullet belt tee third chick from the right. Then black shirt with Dos Gallo’s on it in second pic are our shirts. Cool stuff. #DosGallos #hustle #goodtimes#tacoshopmovie

Views of Waikiki prints now available!

View of Waikiki from the top of Diamond Head Crater now for sale. Took this shot from the top of Diamond head crater. It is here where I was convinced that the reason Hawaii has so many craters is because of such awesome views like this.


If there are any shots on my site that you would like to see on print or would like to license comment or email me!



Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii had never really been on my "Bucket List" as a location to visit. My sister graduated college and as part of the celebration we went to Hawaii. And boy was I blown away by this trip and the amazing scenery there is everywhere. Before I thought and heard from people that Hawaii was too touristy. But it is "touristy" for a reason. Because everywhere you go the sights, sounds and smells are unforgettable. Here are a few shots from my trip. I will be adding more in the coming days. Enjoy!

Calaveras County Big Tree State Park May 2018 visit

Went up to Northern California for my sisters graduation party. Arrived a day early with my cousin and her mom. SO I decided to show them around the Big Tree State Park. One of my favorite State parks for sure. It is an easy 1.5 hr drive from Lodi, Ca. The best part about the drive is that it really doesn't seem like you are in California, but perhaps another state. This is a collection of my favorite photos from this most recent trip. Have you been there?


A few weeks back a friend Linda Sandoval invited my brother and I for a photoshoot session. There was one picture of mine that as soon as I saw it, I wanted to do some sort of graphic with it. Because the photo was so dramatic, I wanted to give it even more drama with an edge. Hand written street style letters is what I though would best be suited for it. And the word? Sinner, because that is what we all are.


Here are some products you can now purchase with this graphic on it. Which one is your favorite?

Signature Custom Quintos Guitars Shoot

A cousins of mine, Beto Cardona, paints guitars in the same style as the lowrider cars he paints. He calls his guitar company Signature Custom Quintos. We went out to a lowrider show in the San Fernando Valley and shot his guitars next to the cars that inspire them. They are now becoming wildly popular among the Norteño and corrido spanish groups and singers. 

El Jefe

A little lettering piece I did in honor of my dad for his birthday this past January 24th. This picture was taken two years ago in Mexico City, where he went to college, at the spot where the Aztecs saw the eagle land on a cactus eating a snake. Which in turn told them to build their empire at that site. He never thought he'd ever go back to Mexico City but 40+ years later he did. It was awesome hearing his stories and seeing him remember what he did in the streets and neighborhoods we drove through. 


Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Took a family trip to Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve this past thanksgiving weekend. We had not heard of it till two days prior on the @visitCa instagram account. It was a well worth trip. It is perhaps our favorite redwoods park now. I particularly liked it because it was less crowded than national parks especially on a long weekend. So you get to enjoy more of the scenic landscapes all to yourself. Here are some shots I took from there. Enjoy!

Crater Lake National 2016

Quick family visit to Crater lake National Park in Oregon back in 2016. The place is stunning and the water really does look that blue!

Mt. Wilson 20 Mile Hike

Decided to test my stamina (and my leg) and do a 20 mile hike up to Mt. Wilson. I started off at Eaton Canyon here in Pasadena and took the trail up to Henninger Flats then kept going on the trail towards Mt. Wilson. I felt stronger than I expected once I reached the top. The distance really hit me on the way down at around mile 15. This is the first of many long hikes to come. Enjoy the pics from my first long hike.

Practice hike up to Mt. Wilson

Went on a early morning long hike this past saturday. I wasn't sure how long I was going to go but ended up doing 12 miles total. And got really close to Mt. Wilson. I started off at Eaton Canyon recreation area and hiked up to Henninger Flats. I then continued hiking past the flats camping area and towards Mt. Wilson.

A Quick Visit to South Carolina...

Took a quick visit to south carolina for a friends wedding. Here are some shots I took while exploring that part of the country. Great food, great sights, and great memories. (Click on an image to see it larger.)